Metrics Over Time

For every campaign, you can track how many people opened it, how many clicked, exactly where in the email they clicked, what they did on your website, and how much revenue each campaign generated for you.

Find out what hour of the day and day of the week your subscribers take action on your emails. For future campaigns, you can group your subscribers based on time-of-day preference and send your message at the most responsive time for them.

Auto Responder Statistics

Now you can quickly compare all Auto Responder messages statistics displayed on easy-to-read graphs. Quickly identify weak points and tweak individual messages for better performance and better results.

ClickDotMailer includes detailed statistics and reporting for auto-pilot campaigns, Send and unsubscribe stats, open rates, bounce and forwarding statistics are all shown as easy-to-read charts.


Smart Reporting

Set up automated reports to be delivered via email on a regular basis, i.e. 3 days after publishing the message. Interactive graphs tell you everything about your campaigns from opens and clicks, to bounces, to unsubscribe.

For each email marketing campaign sent, ClickDotMailer reports exactly how many people opened their email, how many unsubscribed, which links they clicked, the email forwarding statistics and more.