Email Intelligence

Do you consider successful email delivery the only job an email marketing tool should perform for you? Are you happy with the macro-level statistics – open Rate, click rate, bounce rate, and unsubscribed rate that any common tool provides you?

An email marketing manager not only needs to identify and collect the important metrics from an email marketing tool, but also put their analytical skills to use to derive actionable points.

Flexible Email Designs

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying the popularity of HTML emails. And, like the web before it, the inbox has officially gone mobile—with over 50 percent of email opens occurring on mobile devices. Just like with responsive websites, there are three main components of a responsive email: flexible images, flexible layouts, and media queries.

With just a click on a tick box you can also personalise the email with the recipient’s name and allow them send to a friend for greater campaign impact.

List Management

Improve relevance and effectiveness of campaigns by searching and segmenting your audience based on demographic response data.
Customise your database using our industry standard fields and ones you’ve created.
Create personalised sign-up screens and confirmation emails to help grow your list.
Import large lists easily and automatically, clean from duplicates and errors.
Automatically manage opt-outs and email hard and soft bounces
Export your lists and data at any time.

Social Media Toolbar

Social Media makes it easy for your audience members to share your email -social email- with their friends and followers on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Using ClickDotMailer social media functionality, you can publish your own newsletters directly on your facebook and twitter, ensuring that all of your community get to see the great offers and content that you are sending to your email database.


Other Features